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Why are we here ?

We realised something simple: in a few years, Lisbon has become one of the most visited capitals in Europe, and the traditional companies offering group tours have grown totally outdated.

The reason is down-to-earth: none of them is located where they offer to send you. They can’t follow the market’s evolution with the keenest eye, detect the daily new batches of opportunities; and thus fail at offering you the best prices possible. Lisbon is evolving constantly. We follow its rhythm.

Why choose us ?

We update our partners portfolio regularly, and it allows us to meet our clients’ ambitious expectations and grant them the exceptional trip they want, whatever their aspirations, party size or budget. We are up and running all year long.

​We speak fluent English, Spanish, Portuguese and French, as we are your gateway to our partners, your gateway to Lisbon.


Voyage à Lisbonne has negotiated exclusive prices with our partners, allowing us to lower our fee significantly : it’s absorbed by the discounts.  

We advocate complete transparency : our partners will never charge you more than the prices we indicate in our quote and you yourself will pay each service. Why ? To guarantee that you have a fair price and are in full control of your budget, without any intermediary. This is where we differ from travel agencies: we negotiate the prices, make booking, come up with a bespoke, turnkey plan for you and make sure your stay unfolds smoothly. This is where our fee comes from, and not from a hidden commission.  

Icing on the cake: your follow-up is personalised. None of your questions or worry will remain unanswered. You can meet our team here !

What we stand for ?

We strongly believe in responsible tourism. Lisbon struggles more and more against invasive tourists that disturb the population and the city’s peace. We strive for the exact opposite.

We advocate discovering and exchanging with new cultures, favouring local trade, respecting the environment, and preserving the city and its inhabitants’ way of life. Feel free to read our Charter on eco-responsible tourism: “Agir pour un Tourisme Responsable” here. (French).

Our new destination !

We have the pleasure to welcome you to Porto : ; we developed there the same concept, with the same passion.

Tourisme responsable Voyage à Lisbonne


2 people minimum are required for every project

 (couple's vacation, hen or stag party, friends or

family vacation...)

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Transfert to and from the

airport + Accommodation + Catering 

+ Activities + Personalised follow-up

Flights non included



Our fee is included in your budget ​

= no additional cost

*until 4 days of travel,19€/person/day

"We specifically negociated prices with all our partners for you"

"Located on-site to provide you with the best services"


YOUR TRIP to lisbon visit lisbon      

What is our travel concept ?

Travel to Lisbon creates a unique, sound and sustainable programme that fits your profile and budget and fits the local culture in order to limit the general impact of tourism. Working local, not global. 

 " Our fee is comprised in your budget no additional cost ! "

What do we offer ?

We come up with a trip plan following your needs: our services range from partially (booking one specific activité for instance) to entirely organising your stay. Our programmes are unique for every traveller and cater to small and large budgets alike.

" Our services comprise: airport-accommodation transfer and back + accommodation + catering + activities + personalised follow-up"

Lisbonne Ribeira das Naus
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How do we work  ?

 Our mainly local partners are flawless professionals who are as invested as we are in ethical tourism; to offer you the authentic, exhilarating and exciting stay you wanted. 

How do we do ?  Check it out

" We negociate our partner's discounts to ensure that, our fee included, your stay is cheaper than if you had organised it yourself "

To ensure complete transparency, you will pay for the services yourself. Each and every one of them has been negociated to grand you an exclusive discount.

" You're travelling with you SO ? With your friends ? Your family ? Going on a hen party ? A stag party ?

Whoever you are, Lisbon is perfect for you "

Our special pages : Hen party / Stag Party

"Example for a trip for 9, June 22-25, 2019 :

For a €500/person budget (including cost of return trip flight), Travel to Lisbon crafted a bespoke hen party with :

- Transfer to and from the airport (private car),

- Accommodation (huge flat in the city center)

- Activities (booking a private boat, pole dance and traditional cuisine classes)

- Catering (at home chef for a traditional dinner, gourmet restaurant and fado restaurant)

- Travel to Lisbon Fee (creating a personalised day-to-day programme with directions and bespoke maps, negociating and booking all services, following-up services)" 

"Example of a trip for 2, September 1-4, 2019 :

For a €600/person budget (including cost of return trip flight), Travel to Lisbon crafted a couple's personalised stay including :

- Accommodation (4-star hotel)

- Activities (guided tour, boat cruise at sunset, private fado concert)

- Catering (secret local addresses and gourmet restaurants)

- Travel to Lisbon fee (creating a personalised day-to-day programme with directions and bespoke maps, negociating and booking all services, following-up services)





Rua do Norte, 59

1200-284 LISBOA



Rua do Moreira, 28

4000-345 PORTO




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